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Create friendships for life

Consistently create and maintain an dance environment & community where the wellbeing of all our students can flourish

WDS believes that “Dance is a Gift” & through balanced training, friendships, discipline and developing a love for all things creative and movement orientated

We aim to unlock and develop that gift inside of each student and facilitate it’s beautiful expression!

Everyone is different! Embracing & developing every students unique individual qualities is also a focus.

Ground Work: Our emphasis is on developing a sense of technical integrity through consistent holistic training in a wide variety of styles and genres of dance

Life Skills through Dance: WDS students are encouraged to be motivated, organised, self disciplined, self confident and develop a core belief in themselves.

We would like to believe we send our students out into the world, with a set of life skills that will serve them well: whatever they choose to do.

Ignite your Passion and achieve your dreams!


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My daughter has been dancing at WDS since the age of 4 and she is now 12. She loves the variety of classes and all the teachers and how they encourage her to keep striving to be the best she can be. The best thing about WDS is how much my daughter loves attending each week; and she dances 8 times a week. The studio is very professional and forms relationships with each dancer and their families. The end of year concerts are extravaganzas!!! Amazing performances where each student displays their true love of dance!

Luci Lane Mum of Kiana

For those dancers who just want to dance for fun it is also the place to find friendships and make memories for life. WDS is a warm dance community that will embrace your child!!

WDS dance mum of 15 years

Transitioning to WDS was a painless process. Teachers and staff were fantastic and soon had Alena matched to the right classes listening to her needs and trying to accommodate where they could. My daughter has thrived since stating at WDS, making numerous new friends and learning new styles of dance. She loves being part of a team of dancers that all love to dance as much as her.

Carla Nieuwerth Mum of Alena

My daughters confidence has just come leaps and bounds this year and her love for dance has grown.
WDS staff should be very proud of themselves and all their students. We are so happy to be part of this great bunch of people and watching our daughter use all the techniques she is learning, not only for dance but to take through life.

Kristy and Lee Harvey

At four, my daughter was enrolled at WDS to learn how to ‘Razzle Dazzle’ with Miss Carol. At fourteen, she is a confident, creative, independent and expressive teenager who loves to dance – in groups, as a soloist, in school performances, or within the community as part of WDS.

Helen Rook

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