Solo Program

Ignite your Passion and achieve your dreams!

An opportunity exists for students passionate and working to a higher level, to be mentored and prepared for competitions, auditions & a possible career in dance.

Students also audition and are selected for solo work.

Soloist’s are prepared for competitions with original choreography, unique and designed specially for them.

Soloists are required to be self motivated, practise at home, remember their work, attend all Tech lessons and commit to their Performance Teams.

WDS believes solo work is a privilege and an honour, we also feel proud that YOU as a soloist are an ambassador of WDS, representing our vision and motto of Pure, Positive Dance…


Weekly Solo Coaching

Block Choree Sessions: Book in with the teacher of your choice to get choreography done and completed 2- 4 hour sessions at a time.

Students must also then have “polishing and refining” lessons in preparation for competitions for upkeep of quality and technique.

Vocal Coaching with Miss Jade:

Limited spots on offer – apply and book in through WDS office .

One on one vocal coaching and training to further enhance vocal skills.

Audition and competition preparation also.

Solo Choreography with Jason Winters: Limited spots available with Jason

Book online through our Parent Portal to secure your solo session.

There are an extremely limited number of people that i have met that have influenced me in the same way that you have, all put in the effort to my personal development that you have.
I 100% believe that if i hadn't met you or been taught by you, i wouldn't be the dancer or person i am today. You have taught me so much, not only about myself, but also about my interactions with others and the world around me, you taught me about the beauty and power of nature, and the value of self expression.
I am so proud of the adult i am becoming and i know that my parents are proud of me too.
I love telling people that i am your student, and i am so proud to be part of this amazing family! You and the WDS school will forever be one of my biggest milestones and is HUGE in the shaping of my identity and dance style.

Olivia Lee Carniato - Currently Graduating from Full Time @ Brent St in Sydney

You are such an amazing person & teacher.
There is no way i would be where i am right now without you, there is no other studio i would rather have grown up in.
I love how you push me to be my greatest, because without it i wouldn't be a confident dancer. I am thinking positive and looking beyond to all the outcomes.
Thank you for all your hard work not only with me but for others in making u the dancers and people we are today.
Thank you for being such an amazing inspiring teacher.
Dancing at WDS is one big MAGIC MOMENT !!!!

Tegan Haley - Currently Graduated from Full Time at IKIN Dance @ Burleigh Heads

My name is Myles Urquhart and I am a past WDS student, Pro Co Member and Teacher that has now gone and travelled all over the world pursuing my Professional Dancing Career in many different ways.
I am currently on contract overseas as “Dance Captain” at Galaxy Casino & Resort here in Macau, China.
Past professional credits include 4 contracts with Royal Caribbean International as a Dancer / Aerialist and a season with the Minnesota Dance Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Company Apprentice.
I am truely forever grateful for everything that Miss B has done for me during my time at WDS. If it wasn’t for her and all the other amazing faculty members constantly showing their passion, determination, love and commitment to dance i wouldn’t have received all the exceptional training, guidance, confidence, knowledge and support that has helped shape me to become the performer i am today working in the professional dancing industry.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart because without your belief in me, love and support i know that i wouldn’t be in the position i am today.

Myles Urquhart

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