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The beginning step of a young dancers journey @ WDS: Let your mini mover explore their natural instinct to move and dance to music.







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Testimonial quotes from Parents & student From WDS Pre-School Junior Program

Question: Did you feel was the benefit of dance for your child?

“We both love the discipline, the concentration and the movement’s. Great to see friendships forming.”
“Paying attention, listening to instructions making friends and being respectful.”
“Social,confidence,movement/physical/health & co-ordination.”

Question: What did they love best about their dance class?

“1#Teo, & getting dressed up, dancing, learning & making friends”
“Creative fun element & great teachers”
“That I get to do Ballet”
“She loves the hula hoops & moving & copying. – “Teo” & “TheBigGirls”

Question: How was your first time experience at being a dance mum at WDS?

“Positive, we have been sending Bonnie for 2 years” & she loves it, therefore we are happy!”
“Everyone is so welcoming & friendly”