Tech Stream

Tech Stream Focus

Developing grounding technique, students growth, progressive, flourishing, developing each individual student, persistent and committed approach to learning, developing and maintaining skills with our dancers, discipline, self confidence, personal achievement and personal growth. Students are placed in appropriate levels of classes and assessed or sit exams that are progressive.

Students are coached by our motivated staff and this is the launching pad into 1. The WDS Performance Program and 2. Dance as a career or possible future.

WDS Tech Stream includes graded and progressive classes in

KLT: Kicks Leaps Turns JNR / INTER / TEEN and AD

Ballet: graded and assessed classes in RAD – ballet grades from Gr 1 and up will now have two classes in the week to maintain, develop and progress students technically.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe Class: a dedicated program to nurture and move students en point appropriately and safely

Stretch and Conditioning:  to develop and work on all your muscles safely

Tapatak Oz Syllabus: with a focus towards exams with in Term 3

The Jason Winters Contemporary Syllabus

  • FOUNDATION level 8-10 yrs
  • INTER/Level 1  10-12yrs
  • TEEN/Level 2  13+
  • AD/Level 3

Students will learn the amazing progressive technique that Jason has created from the Foundation Level up – not only that…it will personally be taught by the creator Jason Winters himself at the studio.


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“My daughter has been dancing at WDS since the age of 4 and she is now 12. She loves the variety of classes and all the teachers and how they encourage her to keep striving to be the best she can be.
The best thing about WDS is how much my daughter loves attending each week; and she dances 8 times a week
The studio is very professional and forms relationships with each dancer and their families
The end of year concerts are extravaganzas!!! Amazing performances where each student displays their true love of dance!”

Luci Lane Mum of Kiana

“Transitioning to WDS was a painless process. Teachers and staff were fantastic and soon had Alena matched to the right classes listening to her needs and trying to accommodate where they could. My daughter has thrived since stating at WDS, making numerous new friends and learning new styles of dance.”

Carla Nieuwerth, Mum of Alena

Our year at WDS's has been a great one, I couldn't of asked for a better transition into the school for my daughter.
All the teachers and staff have been so helpful and welcoming, and at the same time the level of professionalism is bar none.
You can tell that all teachers really care about each and every student.
It always amazes me when watching the students of WDS in class they are not only learning the correct techniques at a way they all understand but the shear joy they show as they dance.
My daughters confidence has just come leaps and bounds this year and her love for dance has grown.
WDS staff should be very proud of themselves and all their students. We are so happy to be part of this great bunch of people and watching our daughter use all the techniques she is learning, not only for dance but to take through life.

Kristy and Lee Harvey

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