There are an extremely limited number of people that i have met that have influenced me in the same way that you have, all put in the effort to my personal development that you have.
I 100% believe that if i hadn’t met you or been taught by you, i wouldn’t be the dancer or person i am today. You have taught me so much, not only about myself, but also about my interactions with others and the world around me, you taught me about the beauty and power of nature, and the value of self expression.
I am so proud of the adult i am becoming and i know that my parents are proud of me too.
I love telling people that i am your student, and i am so proud to be part of this amazing family! You and the WDS school will forever be one of my biggest milestones and is HUGE in the shaping of my identity and dance style.
Olivia Lee Carniato – Currently Graduating from Full Time @ Brent St in Sydney


Miss Becky – You are such an amazing person & teacher.
There is no way i would be where i am right now without you, there is no other studio i would rather have grown up in.
I love how you push me to be my greatest, because without it i wouldn’t be a confident dancer. I am thinking positive and looking beyond to all the outcomes. Thank you for all your hard work not only with me but for others in making u the dancers and people we are today.
Thank you for being such an amazing inspiring teacher.
Dancing at WDS is one big MAGIC MOMENT !!!!
Tegan Haley – Currently Graduated from Full Time at IKIN Dance @ Burleigh Heads


Transitioning to WDS was a painless process.   Teachers and staff were fantastic and soon had Alena matched to the right classes listening to her needs and trying to accommodate where they could.  My daughter has thrived since stating at WDS, making numerous new friends and learning new styles of dance.  She loves being part of a team of dancers that all love to dance as much as her.
Carla Nieuwerth Mum of Alena


My daughter has been dancing at WDS since the age of 4 and she is now 12.  She loves the variety of classes and all the teachers and how they encourage her to keep striving to be the best she can be.
The best thing about WDS is how much my daughter loves attending each week; and she dances 8 times a week
The studio is very professional and forms relationships with each dancer and their families
The end of year concerts are extravaganzas!!! Amazing performances where each student displays their true love of dance!
Luci Lane Mum of Kiana


For the student who is serious about dance and who wants to take it to the next level ,WDS is where it can happen. Staff are up to date with latest dance trends while emphasising technique and holistic life skills. They are also totally committed and professional. Students who want to go on to have professional dance careers are nurtured and supported. For those dancers who just want to dance for fun it is also the place to find friendships and make memories for life. WDS is a warm dance community that will embrace your child!!
From WDS dance mum of 15 years


WOW !!! What a difference WDS has made in Sarah’s life.
Sarah joined WDS at the beginning of this year and we have seen such a change in her confidence, dance technique and ability.
All teachers have shown Sarah she is capable of a lot more than she ever thought possible.
Sarah’s quote – “I just don’t know what my life would be like without dance”
Thank you WDS.
Sarah Maher


It has been inspiring for my daughter Lucy dancing at WDS. She had stopped dancing for 3 years and decided she would like to go back to dancing and just do 2 classes for pleasure. Lucy is now doing several classes as her passion has been completely reawakened.
Lucy loves the classes, amazing teachers and has made some beautiful friendships. Her confidence and dedication are a pleasure for a mum to experience. Thank you Miss B and your inspirational teachers for what will be a truly great growing up memory for my baby girl
Karla Shulz


At four, my daughter was enrolled at WDS to learn how to ‘Razzle Dazzle’ with Miss Carol. At fourteen, she is a confident, creative, independent and expressive teenager who loves to dance – in groups, as a soloist, in school performances, or within the community as part of WDS.
Being a member of the Performance Teams has enabled her to not just ‘learn to dance’. It’s more than just moving in structured patterns. Although it is not without its difficulties, the Performance Team provides members with important experiences and helps them to develop practical life skills. It fosters team work, self-respect and confidence; students learn about goal setting and the value of commitment, in addition to the art of dance. Accepting disappointment and success with equal grace, as well as increasing a performer’s ability to communicate effectively with each other and an audience, are also key skills which are enhanced. More than anything, I have seen the team members support and encourage each other and the development of genuine friendships.
Helen Rook


Our year at WDS’s has been a great one, I couldn’t of asked for a better transition into the school for my daughter.
All the teachers and staff have been so helpful and welcoming, and at the same time the level of professionalism is bar none.
You can tell that all teachers really care about each and every student.
It always amazes me when watching the students of WDS in class they are not only learning the correct techniques at a way they all understand but the shear joy they show as they dance.
My daughters confidence has just come leaps and bounds this year and her love for dance has grown.
WDS staff should be very proud of themselves and all their students. We are so happy to be part of this great bunch of people and watching our daughter use all the techniques she is learning, not only for dance but to take through life.
Kristy and Lee Harvey


WDS is an amazing dance studio. Teachers are experienced, professional and friendly.
They will go the extra mile to make sure their dancers are happy and that they grow, learn and enjoy their dancing.
My both girls been dancing at the studio for years and gone from strength to strength and look forward to every dance class they go to.
They have a wonderful relationship with all dance teachers who have encouraged them and helped them to grow in so many ways.
I am amazed at how confident they both are and how they just shine on that stage. I can not thank you enough for how much passion and confidence you have brought out in my girls ….. they both do little dance steps through the supermarket, at home and possibly in they sleep too.
The end of the year concerts are always fantastic and it is wonderful to see the joy on the dancers faces as they perform on that stage.
Miss Rebecca is amazing and is totally devoted to her dance studio and the happiness and success of her dancers.
Thank you WDS for everything! 1 2 3 … you rock!


“My first experience of WDS began before my daughter was even able to walk. She was only eight months old when good friends invited us to watch their daughter perform at the end of the year concert in 2002. I was mesmerized and could not believe the high quality and professionalism that I witnessed whilst my little girl was dancing to the music throughout the production in my arms.
I guess I was surprised that in a small town of Woolgoolga, where we moved to from overseas, dance studio existed which appeared to be of a high professional standard and showcased the talent of  
local children, youth as well as adults.
As the couple of years past, my shy, but very active little girl enjoyed her first lesson with Miss Carol at two and half.
From then on, her passion and love of dance continues to grow. I can confidently say, that for her, now at almost fourteen, WDS
has supported us parents in shaping her into a young person with much
discipline, appreciation and skills which she will carry with her for
a lifetime. Her incredible WDS teachers, Miss Bec, Miss Renee, Miss Jacq, Miss Hailey, Miss Hayley, Miss Amy, Miss Kristy, Miss Kate, Miss Sally, Miss Kristie, Miss Kat and previously mentioned Miss Carol, have over the decade supported, what we as parents strongly believe in. Only consistent work, effort, discipline, positive attitude and gratitude will help you become the best you can be as a person, no matter where your journey takes you. Not to forget the importance of building firm, valuable friendships that form along the way and much joy and fun, which she will, with no doubt, treasure for life.”
Alja Hopkins
“My name is Myles Urquhart and I am a past WDS student, Pro Co Member and Teacher that has now gone and travelled all over the world pursuing my Professional Dancing Career in many different ways.
I am currently on contract overseas as “Dance Captain” at Galaxy Casino & Resort here in Macau, China.
Past professional credits include 4 contracts with Royal Caribbean International as a Dancer / Aerialist and a season with the Minnesota Dance Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Company Apprentice.
I am truely forever grateful for everything that Miss B has done for me during my time at WDS. If it wasn’t for her and all the other amazing faculty members constantly showing their passion, determination, love and commitment to dance i wouldn’t have received all the exceptional training, guidance, confidence, knowledge and support that has helped shape me to become the performer i am today working in the professional dancing industry.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart because without your belief in me, love and support i know that i wouldn’t be in the position i am today.
Myles Urquhart